How to find the right tenants for leasing out your apartment

March 26, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Property Investments

tenant, tenant hireDo you possess a decent property on which you want to hire tenants? Well then get yourself properly groomed about the necessary information before getting hassle free tenants. Publishing advertisement in the local newspapers or in the internet or hanging signboards in your neighborhood is a nice idea about letting people about your property. But if it’s an apartment then you must upload nice pictures of your apartment along with the contact numbers in the above mentioned places.

Once you are done with this then you should be ready to introduce your property to your customers. But you should not get frustrated if you do not get good tenants in the first rounds of efforts. Providing a decent rental application to all the potential tenants is a smart idea so that the prospective tenants can comment and share their views about your property in those printed sheets than in informal interactions.

Is it a good idea to invest on a condo?

March 23, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Property Investments

Invest in condos, investments tipsAre you planning to invest in a rental property? If yes, you might consider investing in a condominium or condo. However, before you do invest, you will need to know about the advantages and the disadvantages of investing in a condo. There are different types of condos like townhouse, apartment, conversion, pre-sale, re-sale and new. So, determining the type of condo you want to invest in is equally important. Here are some of the benefits of investing in a condo.

First, the condos appreciate in value at a rate that is usually higher than the inflation rate. Second, due to the low rate of vacancy it is very easy to find occupants for your condo. Third, there is increase in the demand for condo luxury and lifestyle and therefore it is proving to be a great investment option. Fourth, the economic advantage of investing in a condo is more, especially for first time investors, because the cost of up keeping a condo is relatively less.

From owning to renting: take that leap of faith

March 19, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Real Estate Rumblings

real estate, rentingThe real estate industry is growing rapidly in the recent years. Many people tend to purchase properties in different parts and sell them off when the value increases. It would be a better option for people to make full use of their property and not let it lie unused. There are two advantages of renting your property. One thing is that it will be a mode of fixed regular income which you will receive every month.

Another advantage is that your property will be looked after by your tenants in an indirect way. Real estate properties tend to lose their value and look if kept idle for many years without maintenance. Getting a tenant is like assuring that your property will be maintained by them for a fixed period of years. It is useless to own properties and not make use of them. One should take the leap to rent out their property if they do not use them.

What are sustainable homes and how can save money with it

March 13, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Homes & Properties

Sustainable homes refer to those houses that are designed keeping the nature in mind. Sustainable home are now the latest in the field of high tech homes that are designed in such a way as to minimize danger to the environment as well as maximize usage of sustainable energy so that the use of nonrenewable sources is kept to the bare minimum saving both the resources as well as the annual expense of maintaining the house and the needs of the family.

Sustainable home designs with passive solar technologies are the most useful. South facing windows can be specially designed to heat the house during the cold winter season. Geothermal heat energy can be used to heat the water system as well as keep the floors of the house heated when required. The solar power can be trapped to provide electricity to run different appliances as well as cook food. A sustainable house thereby effectively uses the sources of nature and saves money too.