Benefits of Serviced Apartments

July 30, 2015  //  Posted by: George  //  Category: Homes & Properties

There are many companies which supplies their employees with many benefits which can be increments, bonus, house facilities, electronic appliances, and what not. One of the things which the companies provide is the house allowances and the apartments to live in. many companies have their policy of providing the service apartments to the employees of the company so that they don’t face any problems. Because now day employees are also select from different states or countries and for those people it is very difficult to find the house. For them companies get the facilities of serviced apartments which give the relief to the employees working in the company. The service apartments are fully furnished with all the amenities in it. The employees are provided with the service apartments which is excluding their remuneration of the work which they perform for the company.

In other words, serviced apartments means a home with hotel amenities which is provided by the companies to its employees. Here are some of the benefits of serviced apartments which can be helpful to you to determine the exact importance and merits of the serviced apartments.

Benefits of Serviced Apartments:

  • As compared to living in the hotel, service apartment plays for the better role. Because the main advantage of having a serviced apartment is the large living area which is provided by the companies. Hotels have just one room but the serviced apartment has different rooms like living room, bed rooms, dining rooms, etc which is very fascinating for the employees working in the companies.
  • The serviced apartment is supplied with the kitchen. This feature of serviced apartment is very much helpful for the employees of the companies because eating outside food every day is very unhealthy and tiring so this feature of kitchen in the home is healthy and in the favor of the employees too. Storing food snacks for the emergency is very useful when you are accompanied with the serviced apartments.
  • No worries regarding the housekeeping annoyance. Because as we have stayed in hotel, the house keeping department visit the room and no doubt it is the duty of them to comply with the work but when we want to take the rest and at the same time when the housekeeping knocks the door it feels annoying. This problem is solved when it comes to the serviced apartments. There is no worry of any housekeeping because things will be done according to our needs and wishes.
  • The serviced apartments are fully furnished and with the necessary equipments like ACs, heaters, Television ,etc and there is no need of any employee to find the things and fix it at the place. All this things are already adjusted to its place and is just the employee need to use it. The main benefit of serviced apartment is the employee need not to work anything or will not face any problem if he shifted to the serviced apartment.
  • The price of the service apartment is cheaper as compared to the hotels. Sometimes, if it is in the companies policies than the accommodation if from the companies and for free. Depends upon the employees , which companies they elect for their working


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